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My Favourite Things

This is a list of some of my favourite things, whether they are just things that I deem delicious and lovely, or things that just make me uniquely me. Of course, I may tweak the list over time, but chances are, if they made the list, they are loved with quite a significance, so I’m sure they won’t fall off the list anytime soon! ~Alison

1. Jesus. He is a lovely Man.

2. Bright shining spirited eyes. I find people’s eyes thrilling when they are alive and dancing. I like to see “life” in the eyes.

3. Hot sauce on anything and everything. End of story. My favourite is the New Zealand specialty, Waha Wera Kiwifruit and Habenero Sauce. It’s a gem. But I also love Sriracha Hot Sauce, Red Hot and a variety of Mexican hot sauces.

4. Reading a good book curled up in bed late at night on a cold dreary day OR in a hammock or lying on the dock on a nice sunny day by the water’s edge with tree’s rustling around me and a slight breeze blowing through my hair. Heavenly.

5. Receiving a new personally-written email from a good friend and family member who took time to share their heart.

6. Even better, receiving a real-paper-handwritten-letter or parcel in the mail! I usually do a little shriek, leap and skip as I walk away from the mail box!

7. Researching and studying interesting topics of all kinds, and discussing it with others who love to do the same! I love a good discussion (and sometimes heated ones!) I think it has to do with the love of passionate discussion with passionate people.

8. The crisp cool air just after the sun has set and it’s approaching dark (but not quite). That air defines ‘the feeling of romance’ to me, and I always feel ‘cozy’. It’s quite hard to describe, but I love that time of day on those long summer days.

9. A really stimulating, mutually inspired, almost intense conversation with someone who is fully THERE, and is honest, authentic, and genuinely interesting.

10. The exhilaration of being completely uninhibited and not dying because of it.

11. Holding hands, or leaning my head on someone’s shoulder, holding their arm and snuggling. I guess we’d say I’m a cuddler of sorts. I love giving and receiving massages!

12. Knowing the love of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit enveloping my entire being. Feeling His love tangibly is the most empowering experience life has to offer.

13. Being intoxicated in the Holy Spirit, laughing uncontrollably and crying with abandon and yet feeling so relaxed.

14. Reading a new inspirational quote that just rocks my world…. Simply delicious. I love anything that makes me stop in my tracks, and reminds me that being alive is INSPIRING. Maybe that’s why I love Twitter – inspirational quotes galore!

15. Black salty licorice from Europe! All kinds of black licorice but salty is best!

16. Going on walks with friends or family (but especially with my Mum. She wins hands down) on a quiet country road or along the beach, talking about life, things of the heart and the future.

17. Traveling and exploring new nations and cultures and foods. I especially love being in a place that is both beautiful and historical (or has Biblical significance) especially in the Middle East. I’d love to get to Greece and Itay and Egypt, as well as other Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean nations. Well, everywhere in the world, really! Oh, and Iceland to see the Northern Lights!

18. Washing my face with a good facial wash and the after-feeling of clean.

19. Oh my, how could I forget this one? THE SMELL OF CLEAN FRESH LAUNDRY. Guys, if you’re reading this, there is nothing more pleasant than a guy that smells of fresh laundry. (Cologne is nice but overrated in my opinion, unless it’s just a light spray of a subtle cologne). Never underestimate the value of just being CLEAN and FRESH. Thus saith the Lord :)

20. Walmart and Target. Ah, I love these stores. I know that it’s not a popular corporation with some people, but I can’t help it! You can go in any one of their stores in any city or country around the world and feel at home because it’s familiar, affordable, and all the options are conveniently under one roof.

21. Asian food!!!!! Thai, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, the list goes on. I’d like to make special mention of  Thai Green Mango Salad, which is one of the most delicious and definitively refreshing tastes I’ve discovered so far on this planet. Yummy! Also, Korean BBQ is deeee-lish, and simply having rice, canned tuna wrapped in a roasted/salted seaweed paper for a snack.

22. Home Decorating and Home Renovation Design shows. Anything to do with interior decorating and restoring homes keeps my attention. I love a well-designed home, and turning rooms into comfortable, stylish places where people feel at home.

23. Completing a checklist or To-Do list in my paper agenda or iCal calendar. Now that’s satisfaction. And I like making lists on Post-its of all different colours. Feeling organized, efficient and accomplishing tasks feels really good to me.

24. IKEA. This place is like Christmas all year round when I go in here and see all the lovely spaces and furniture options. Too bad I can’t buy it all! I must restrain myself.

25. Crying (is a beautiful cleansing act). Psalm 126:5 “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” I love to cry and sometimes like to watch movies with a moving-storyline just so I can have a chance to cry. I am not an emotional freak. I just happen to think God created tears for a good purpose, so call me ‘purposeful’ ;)

26. Eye contact with someone you find attractive. Your heart does a freaky flop and stops and then leaps into your throat. It’s terrifyingly beautiful. Exhilarating. Of course, I am saving my locked gaze for one man alone, and so ultimately, this one is reserved for my future husband, whenever he chooses to wake up and come looking for me

27. Writing in my journal. I have kept a journal since I was about 12 years old, and I have saved every one in a special treasure chest in Canada. People’s stories and the contents of their heart are the most valuable things we can ever touch.

28. Watching figure skating. Love love love it. Especially ice dance.

29. Getting lost in worship and singing and praising God with abandon. Putting aside self-consciousness and dancing with all that is within me, not caring what others think of me, but completely consumed with the fact that God exists and He loves me.

30. Acting like a total dork and not caring what others think of you as you dorkify yourself.

31. Discovering the person you’re hanging out with is also a dork and being mutually dorky together. This is fun. Life is fun. Stop being so serious all of the time!

32. Being told you are loved and special for specific reasons. I love when someone notices little details about me. Nothing makes me feel more cared for than when someone takes time to just ask me about my details.

33. The tip of the nose. I have no idea how this love of mine started. It is one of my favourite things! Press the tip of the nose and the cartilage slightly splits. This has to be the most precious part of the body, in my opinion. I have no idea why. People really don’t understand this fascination of mine, but I love seeing people try it out, touching their nose and then others’. It’s cute and funny and an unexpected discovery of the human body!

34. Cafe’s anywhere and everywhere all around the world. Coffee – It’s a global language. Love it.

35. Vera Wang’s beautiful perfume “Princess”. My favourite fragrance of all time so far.

36. Period-piece movies: my favourite is the BBC version of North & South. Classic. I also really love the newest BBC version of Persuasion, and Jane Eyre. Also, Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth as Mr.Darcy. I love a pure, chaste love story where the main female has witty humour, brains, strength of character and a desire for a wise, strong man with equal strength of character.

37. Good hand cream, especially if it has a lovely scent. I love putting hand cream on, all day long. Soft hands, baby, soft hands.

38. Ice cold water with freshly sliced lemons. I even eat the lemon with the rind… hence the nickname “Lemonsucker” from my college days!

39. Endearments and appropriate public displays of affection. I think they make you feel special and important, and let’s you know that they’re proud to be associated with you.

40. The Psalms by David in the Bible. Timeless Poetic Honesty. I also especially love the poetry of the Prophetic books of Jeremiah and Isaiah. But to be honest, the whole Bible is chock full of amazing stuff.

41. Essential Oils. Especially ‘sweet orange’. I love my essential oils diffuser to spread lovely fragrance through my room.

42. My Gramma’s “City Chicken” skewers. Dee-lish! They were a childhood favourite when we would drive to visit her in Windsor, Canada. I can taste it in my memories… She passed away in 2008 but I must get a hold of the recipe so the tradition can live on!

43. “Hot and Sour Soup” is a Chinese favourite of mine. The best one EVER was made by a restaurant ‘China House’ in my childhood hometown of Orillia. But it closed down and the owners disappeared (literally). And so I am left with having to settle for mediocre Hot and Sour soups at all the restaurants I’ve tried since. But I loved their version so much that I usually boycott even trying others’ version because I usually get frustrated. It’s a soup that is either truly remarkable, or horribly unremarkable, bordering on gross. Maybe these folks will one day come out of hiding and send me some Hot and Sour soup. The wish lives on…

44. Pumpkin and Squash anything. Roasted pumpkin or squash with butter, lemon pepper and a little salt, and you’ve got a world-class meal. It also makes an amazing pureed soup.

45. Singing around a campfire with guitars and with people who are not afraid to sing out! I love doing this in living rooms too. Spontaneous worship jams in natural settings are a favourite of mine.

46. Mustards of all kinds. French, American, Dijon, Wholegrain, Hot, etc!

47. My cottage on Lake Joseph. Such a peaceful tranquil place. BBQ’s and picnics at Pine Island, across from our part of the lake. Boat trips or canoe trips around the lake on a quiet summer evening. Treasure hunts in the forest. Walking the dirt paths between cottages. Collecting clay at Pine Island. Making mini boat marinas at “the little dock”. Finally getting the courage to swim “past the logs”. Swimming to Pine Island and back. Sadly, we had to sell the cottage in 2009. But it was sold to a lovely family with young kids who can now make their own treasure of memories over the years they grow up. I will cherish those memories forever with family and friends.

48. Massages. Especially deep-tissue therapeutic massage.

49. Someone playing with my hair or brushing my hair. It’s relaxing.

50. Flip flops. Any colour. Any style. Any season, well, except Canadian winter!

51. A great “medium” steak on the barbeque and fresh cob on the corn with butter and salt and pepper. My brain is drooling right now. Favourite meal, hands down.

52. Snowboarding on a beautiful mountain with lovely views from the top and a fun adventurous way to get down the mountain. I want to explore more mountains in N.America and Europe!

53. Coffee. Did I already mention this? I love coffee. It’s not an addiction. Just a deep, deep tasty admiration for the bean.

54. I love watching singing reality shows. I just love hearing the talent that is out there. I love music.

55. My niece, Hera. She is the bomb diggity. She has a beautiful heart and is such good company!