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My Mission Story (Chapter 1)

Chapter One (of 6): The Beginning Stages

When I met Jesus in 1999 in Uganda, I also met some YWAMers who were doing their DTS Outreach there, and it sparked a bit of an interest in me to “check out” what’s out there in terms of missions and ministry stuff. I thought a bit about leaving college and pursuing YWAM then, but I was already into my 2nd year of a Graphic Design college program, so I decided I should finish what I’d first started. In the back of my mind, as I grew with the Lord through my college years, I began to get more interested in pursuing something in Christian ministry. God so graciously placed me in a church where there were Pastors that took me under their wing and really showed me integrity in leadership, passion for Christ and I had mentors that spent countless hours in prayer with me, bringing me levels of freedom in Christ I had never dreamed possible!

Through these final 2 years of college as a Christian, I had discovered a holy passion for purity, freedom, joy in Christ, our identity in Christ, healthy relationships and it all pointed to one thing. I completely and passionately loved discipling Christians who come to saving knowledge of Christ. Seeing people get set free and then thriving in their new found freedom and see true Christ-like character developed was and is still the most exciting thing I could think of in life! Through those couple years, I also got involved in a Young Adults group at my church and my heart really opened up to ministering to the young adult ‘niche’, at the verge of breaking through to their callings, yet in a transition from adolescense to adulthood, where a lot of confusing influences get intertwined into their lives. THIS was the generation I wanted to reach.

After graduating from college in Graphic Design, I did not pursue a career in the Design and Advertising field but decided to see if God had something for me in the area of Christian ministry, since I couldn’t seem to get my heart to dream of anything but serving the Lord full-time within the church or connected to the church.

This led me to Durham Master’s Commission which was a 9 month discipleship program, focusing on church involvement, leadership development, scripture memory, and taking some Bible College accredited courses, for a taste of Bible College if we decided to pursue it, as well as ministry outreach trips throughout the year. This further spoke to me of my true heart for ministering to the Lord and to His people. One thing that I found funny or interesting to note was how I completed that program, and I remember telling people that I did not have a calling “to the nations”… and that “God wanted me in North America, within our culture”… and at the time, that did feel true.