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My Mission Story (Chapter 6 – Final)

Chapter Six (of 6): The final leg…

Now I won’t go into the rest of the story, since it would take too long to explain it all (you can view my archived mission newsletters from my missions journey) but let’s just say that God works in mysterious ways, sometimes so differently than we would expect, and at times, He will move in ways that you had not initially planned or desired, but when you look back on it, you see that His hand was on it, despite the fact that it was HARD, CHALLENGING, NOT WHAT YOU EXPECTED, AND DIFFERENT THAN WHAT YOU’D ORIGINALLY THOUGHT IT WOULD BE.


God works out His plan in our hearts and lives and does His thing, even when we’re kicking and screaming and throwing tantrums since He isn’t doing things the way we’d planned. Haha. God is funny that way.

To make a long story slightly shorter, in brief, I got accepted to the Performing Arts DTS in Kona, Hawaii in Sept 2005. After 3 months lecture training phase, where much healing and learning was done, I flew with a team to Asia, where I was able to meet relatives and see my roots, where part of me is from. It was truly healing for my heart.

Since the beginnings of my missions journey, I was led in 2006 to join the staff with the YWAM base in Oxford, New Zealand. I had a blast as the Registrar from August 2006 until March 2007 and then transitioned to join the April 2007 Around the World in 80 Days DTS Staff team, where I led the school and base worship team and World Awareness Mission Nights and discipled a small group of 5 gals. I then co-led an outreach team to the continent of Africa from July to September 2007 (amazing!) and graduated our students in Israel on the Mount of Olives! What an adventure 2007 was, that’s for sure! I returned in 2008 to direct the Ski + Snowboard DTS for 2 years. I was able to do an outreach in Jakarta, Indonesia where God moved powerfully. In 2009, I took a team of my own to a nation in the Middle East. I fell in love with that nation and hope to be able to minister there from time to time in the future.

In 2010, God very clearly had me “dock the ship” and take a whole year out (like a sabbatical year from ministry and leadership) and BE WITH HIM. This led me to move up to the North Island of New Zealand, to do a 3-month prayer and worship internship with Tauranga House of Prayer. It was during that time that God clearly spoke to give 2 years to becoming a part of the foundation of the Prayer and Missions convergence, and minister to Him in prayer full-time. I am still linked with YWAM, as it connects with the House of Prayer in ministry. I am spending my time and energy to pioneer day and night continual prayer in New Zealand, through the ministry of dynamic prayer, anointed worship ministry, study of the Word, teaching and preaching of the Word, and ministering to young people. God is awesome and greatly to be praised. I am overjoyed to be ministering to the Lord in this way, in this place.

Email me anytime if you want further details of the ongoing story.