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My Out-of-Body Experience

On January 12th, 2006 while in Asia, I experienced my first out-of-body experience (or at least that is how I am choosing to call it). Sit down and experience it with me as I share below. ~Alison

Written January 13th, 2006, a day after it all happened:

I just had the most spectacular experience! Holy Schmoley! I had been talking with Danielle and Christine, my roomies here in Asia, about the future direction of my life, and after they fell asleep, I was awake and pondering my future and I started to get really agitated and upset, feeling directionless, visionless and discouraged about the discipleship school and how I still didn’t know what to do with my life, so I was wondering if I’d wasted my money. I also was feeling a bit disappointed with outreach so far, because it was not turning out as I had ‘expected’ it to. And so it was in this confused state that I went into a dream or vision centred around the organization I’m involved with, in this building or cabin with many rooms and many young people; some I knew and some I didn’t. The place looked nothing like my outreach locations or the Kona campus which were my only connections to this organization, but somehow I knew (as we all do in dreams) that this cabin represented this organization to me.

I can’t quite remember the details leading up to the experience, but I remember feeling agitated and discouraged in the dream-vision I was listening to the devil’s discouraging voice and it was bringing me down. Suddenly, I spoke up and loudly shouted, “I rebuke you, Satan! I’m on Jesus’ side!” and literally, the instant I spoke out those words, I transcended from the dream-vision state into the ACTUAL spiritual realm (I just KNEW that it was real and actual). Literally, my body and spirit were vacuumed out of that dream-vision and the room I had been in, and I flew through a glass window effortlessly without shattering it. It was as if I was entering a different spiritual portal and it felt more real than reality and because of this I shrieked incredulously! I excitedly shrieked in my mind, “This will transform my mission experience! I’ll NEVER be the same! I’ll NEVER be the same!”

I knew that this was no longer a dream or vision, but an actual out-of-body experience that was happening in the spiritual realm.

I was filled with that stomach-churning rollercoaster feeling as I flew around in this new realm and I almost started panicking but I had a deeper sense that I was ‘swooshing’ through this life with the Holy Spirit, so it kept me from being completely terrified. It was like I was flying through the demonic realm and seeing rooms of life and rooms of the spiritual realm all at the same time. I could feel darkness and evil all around me, but I refused to be overcome by dread or fear. I did have this feeling that at any point I could possibly die, or that I might be be faced with harm or physical injury.

At one point, I could see a dark and dingy house and I could see through the roof. There were no people, but I saw tonnes of thick dark, menacing daggers being whipped around, sharply stabbing at the other daggers. I knew instantly it was a spiritual picture of how our words were like daggers that could stab and kill one another’s spirits. I was grieved to see this happening and it deeply affected me and saddened my heart to realize what was going on here.

Then I began hearing the voice of one of my friend’s here in Asia as well as the voice of one of my pastors back in Canada, through what seemed like warped, amplified speakers. They were speaking truths I’d heard spoken or preached before, yet the truths were twisted and almost perverted, as if they were mocking me. Again, I knew instantly it was proof of how I was believing the lies of the devil and how he will twist every word that comes from the Lord and will use it to try and lead me into massive confusion so that it disables me and I never make progress. This really disturbed and upset me.

After this passed, somewhat, I began to see all these awful, yet almost comical, mocking faces of people. Young and old, middle-aged and toddlers’ faces began to come at me head-on. They mocked me, taunting me and completely freaked me out. I also saw many outright demonic forms and faces in this “spiritual travel trip”…

At this point, I began to feel as if I could not take any more of this and I did not want to see any more. So I willed myself back to reality and I started to see my room and the bottom of the bunk bed above me, and yet I could still see these mocking faces and shards of metal flying at me, but it quickly faded, to my relief!

My whole mind, soul, spirit and especially my body were on overdrive. I felt like my entire body was burning with fire and the best way to describe it was that I was ‘zinging’ all over. I touched and pinched my shoulder and arm and discovered I was really here and that I was at a normal temperature. But it was as if my entire body was vibrating and zinging because of the intensity of the spiritual experience I had just come out of.

I felt that I was changed forever; it was inexplicable and yet so real. I literally cannot explain or put into words the intensity of the emotions I experienced, and also the ‘real-ness’ of the entire thing. I knew, though it started in a dream-vision, that it definitely switched dimensions to the REAL spiritual realm. I even thought that I might die when I was pulled and sucked as in a vacuum into the spiritual dimension, because it took me with such force and the speed at which I was flying through portals and rooms was so intense. I also felt the nearness of death because of the depth of darkness within the demonic realm, as if the darkness had ability to kill.  At any point, I remember feeling that I may stop breathing and lose my life because it was that intense.

I have never ever experienced something like this before. This has got to be one of the most powerful experiences of my life so far.

And to think it all started, when I rebuked Satan and stood up for Jesus…

“Words really do have power…” WOW.