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Remembering 12 Years Ago…

God has blessed me tonight. I am swimming in the sea of the joy of the Lord, basking in the joy of my salvation. God is so detailed. He loves me.

So, tonight, in our Friday night prayer meeting at the Tauranga House of Prayer, we had a visiting family from the House of Prayer in Malaysia come share about what God is doing in Malaysia, and humbly asked us to pray for them and for their nation. I have not crossed paths with any Malaysians in the past 12 years… nor been in a prayer meeting in the past 12 years focused on Malaysia. We prayed for the calling on the nation of Malaysia to have intimacy with God in prayer, overflowing into radical missions and the salvation of multitudes.

It hit me suddenly, part way through the prayer meeting, that this was a divine appointment, a divine reminder of my salvation 12 years ago. While I was visiting relatives in Uganda as a 20-year old, I GOT SAVED BECAUSE OF A MALAYSIAN MAN, who came to preach and prophesy to Ugandans in the little village I was living in. God intervened all those years back, and gave words of knowledge to this Malaysian man, about the deep secrets of my heart, and he obeyed the Lord and spoke them to me. I was completely undone by the accurate knowledge of this man (who had never met me before), and ultimately, I was undone by the truth that the Lord SAW me and KNEW me and CARED so deeply for me, that He would take me out of my comfortable world in Canada, transport me to the other side of the world (Uganda), and then He would send a prophet from Malaysia to come to Uganda and speak a word just for me. How intricately detailed God is. And how infinitely grateful I am, once again, as I remember the joy of my salvation, the joy of coming into relationship with Jesus Christ 12 years ago. I highly recommend you check out the full awesome story of my salvation and divine conversion and encounter with Jesus Christ.

Tonight, in the prayer meeting, I was filled with tears of pure gratitude. Gratitude to God, and gratitude to the Malaysian people. One of them obeyed the Lord and followed Him 12 years ago to another nation, on a mission, and I was the target. God had His bulls-eye on me, and He wanted me and chose me and set His seal of love upon my heart. God pursued me all the way to the other side of the world, and He got my heart. He got what He came for.

Thank you, Malaysia, for answering the call that God has placed on your land, to know the Lord and then go out and bring the knowledge of God to the nations. I am one that was saved through your obedient response.

God, may you bring salvation to Malaysia. May it receive its full inheritance in the Lord. May they go out as prophetic messengers into the nations, from a heart of intimacy and prayer. God, may it be so!

Praise be to God, who loves us so much, and who loves the nations with zeal and passion. If you are reading this, may you hear the call of God to intimate relationship with Him, and the call to the place of prayer, and the call to the nations. He may be whispering to you, and telling you of places you need to go to, and people you need to tell about Jesus. You may just be like that man from Malaysia who spoke the word of the Lord to me and changed my life for eternity.

God, may this blog bear eternal fruit. May lives be saved. May people be reconciled to God through the testimony of the joy of my salvation.