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Praying for Divine Order in Your Life

A few weeks ago, I came across a blog post from Justin Rizzo, one of the main worship leaders at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City where he shared about how he has prayed a prayer for divine order in his life for 2 years now and how it has transformed his life.

I, personally, had felt out of order in my life for a few months now and, after reading that blog post, I thought that I should commit to praying this prayer and tweak it for my own life. So a few weeks ago, I began praying this prayer (below) and asking God to bring divine order in my life, no matter what the cost. Better that my life gets shaken and ruffled up a bit, than for me to live a disordered life and remain unchanged. Read the prayer and then continue on to hear of how God has radically shifted my life below!

Here’s the prayer I’m praying (and am committed to praying daily for the next year or, ideally, the rest of my life!) Download the PDF Prayer here or read it below: 

Prayer for Divine Order

Lord, I pray for divine order in my life.

Lord, come and perfectly align and order my life.

Lord, I will build my life with whoever You bring to me, and whoever You take away from me I will consider it Your divine will.

Lord, divinely order my friendships, bring those friends that will sharpen me like iron, and take friends out of my path that may not be best for me.

Lord, divinely order my finances. Show me where to give my money, when to sow and when to store.

Lord, divinely order my living arrangements, my ministry assignments, my daily occupation and where and how I invest of my time.

Lord, Your plan for my life is perfect and I want to get out of the way and allow You to lead me. Let Your will be my will.


Well, I’m stunned how God immediately moved and acted upon my life as I became open and willing for God to divinely order my life! Now, whenever I open up my laptop and read this prayer (which is posted in big, bold letters on my desktop), I shake my head and I start to laugh, as I think about what God has done. Let’s just say He has done His part. Oh my, has He ever.

Within two days of praying this prayer (with a heart fully willing to accept what the Lord would choose to do), things completely shifted in my life. I came to a swift but mutual decision that I would move out of the home I was living in for the past couple months. I knew that God was bringing about this move. Then God divinely opened up a room in a friend’s house that I could rent and it was available immediately. I packed and moved to my new place within a few days. Talk about a “Suddenly”!

And then, with absolute clarity (after months of blurry spiritual vision and lack of clarity), I knew that God truly was opening up a door for a short-term (1 month) overseas ministry trip at the end of this year, as well as a personal trip back to Canada for Christmas/New Years (1 month). After going back and forth in uncertainty for months about these possible future short-term options, I finally had the word of the Lord in my heart that He was prodding me to step out in faith and walk through the open door that was before me with this ministry trip and personal trip. (Contact me directly if you want to hear more details about the trips!)

The only way I can describe it is to say that a heaviness was lifted off my heart and a veil was taken off my eyes and I had full clarity and peace come over me instantly. I can see clearly again, and I have a healthy, positive perspective and outlook on the future again, which had been missing for a while.

Then, what happened next, is nothing short of miraculous. An amazing airfare deal came up through a friend who is a travel agent …but the deal was only available for a few days. This deal would get me to both nations for less than what I’ve paid in the past just to go to one of the nations! Now that’s what I call a hook-up from the Lord! But there was a problem: I had no money! I had the word of the Lord that I was to go, but no money to purchase the ticket. But somehow I knew that if God was truly in this, He was also going to divinely order my finances and provide a way, though I had no idea HOW. He also spoke to me that I was NOT to support raise for the ticket and that I was to trust Him COMPLETELY that He was a good Father that would do the work for me and make this happen. I was a bit stuck, not knowing if I should buy the ticket on my credit card before the deal expired, but I had no proof (other than a word from the Lord) that the money was coming in. So, I decided that I would not buy the ticket without God first providing the money somehow, because I do not believe in going into debt. The other thing stopping me was that I was waiting on the approval of my staff-leave request. I wasn’t going to book anything until I’d received the go-ahead from my leaders. So, money and permission were the 2 things I was waiting on. So, the day before the deal was expiring, I made a phone call and asked someone I know for their wisdom on whether I should buy the ticket (once I got approval from leadership) on my credit card even though I didn’t know where the money was coming from. There was a pause, and then this person spoke up, saying, “Buy the ticket because I am going to pay for all of it!” I was stunned! God had provided the full provision for the tickets without me ever asking for anyone for any money! He had truly given this as a gift to me as my good Heavenly Father! Then, for the icing on the cake, a couple hours before the deal expired, I heard from my leaders that they had approved my trip! So, the ticket was purchased, fully paid for, and approved by my leadership, right at the last minute!

God was divinely ordering my life and He was doing it SWIFTLY! Let’s call it “The Swift Shift”! God has shifted EVERYTHING. I have shifted spiritual seasons, going from Winter to Spring in my heart. The dramatic shift in the emotional and spiritual atmosphere of my heart has been IMMENSE. I’ve now shifted (literally) and moved into a whole new house, with lovely new housemates, and I’m living in a whole new area of the city (where I feel more connected to the people). God has shifted my spiritual vision, giving me another puzzle piece in the big picture scheme of things. He is showing me more about my part in the marriage of prayer and missions, and the merging of His purposes for me in New Zealand as well as in the Nations. Things are starting to take shape. Wow. I’m still shaking my head that He can change things so dramatically, so quickly.

The rest of the details, I’m leaving up to the Lord as He seems to be delighting in divinely ordering my life, and so who am I to try and take the reins back? He will have His way, and He will do as He wishes with my life. Lord, I am willing. I receive the divine ordering.

God moves and acts, and every thing He does is full of purpose. Every move is strategic – and good. He is not sitting back, twiddling His thumbs. He is intimately and intentionally involved in my life. He is leading this thing and I am in awe.

I had someone email me a week or two ago telling me that this prayer for divine order is great but it’s a dangerous prayer!!! (like the prayer we can pray asking for patience and then difficulties come!). My response? I say … “It’s too dangerous NOT to pray it!” Just think about arriving at the end of your life and God gives you heavenly lenses to look back through your life with perfect vision, and you discovered that your life was disordered and out of alignment with God’s desires and purposes! Wouldn’t you wish you had given up control and handed God the steering wheel, telling Him He could do whatever He wanted to do in your life, no matter what? Remember, this rests entirely on the real fact that He is a GOOD Father and that ALL that He does (even when it may initially hurt) is for our healing and for our good. Ultimately, nothing that God initiates can end badly for our soul. Nothing. So, why would we NOT pray for divine order? In view of eternity, it actually hurts our lives NOT to pray for God to align things.

I implore you to begin asking the Lord, with genuine willingness, to enter into every area of your life and bring divine order. Give Him permission to shift whatever He needs to shift, to work things out for your greatest good. And then respond with acceptance and TRUST as He begins to shift things in your heart and life. He WILL move and shake things in your life. That’s a given. But it is good that He does this. It is NOT good if He does not intervene and does NOT do anything in your life.

Yes, it’s a dangerous prayer, but it’s the safest thing you could ever do!