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Why I Sing

Do you want to know why I sing? This quote says it quite clearly:

“Christianity is about the crucified Christ and the dancing Christ. We exist to wash the feet of men as Christ washed the feet of the apostles. But inside of our hearts joy should sing, for if our faith does not sing it is a kind of dead faith. For love is a song, the echo of God’s voice, and we must make this echo available.” (Catherine Wild)

This comes from the wonderful book by Father Robert Wild on the life of Catherine Doherty, called “Journey to the Heart of Christ”. I can’t shake this picture of the crucified AND dancing Christ. Truly, as Christians, is it not both the juxtaposition of mourning and joy together, that makes our faith so rich, deep, and somewhat surprising and unexpected?

We die daily, but in this death, we find joy everlasting! In our dying, we pick up life eternal.

Let the sound of singing come from a heart that is alive in faith. And if there is no singing, let faith arise once again! And let the song arise again within us, lest in our silence, the rocks would cry out!

This echo must be heard on this earth…