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[Photo Blog] Autumn Glory

Well, this is a rare occasion! A photo blog! I haven’t really photo blogged the past year or so…. to simplify my life…  BUT this is just TOO beautiful to pass up. I thought I’d show you some of the beautiful Autumn colours I have experienced the past couple weeks here in Muskoka and area (Ontario, Canada). Enjoy the visual delights!

Went for a drive with my Aunt and Uncle along Hwy 11 north of Bracebridge. Amazing colours!
On the drive near Utterson and Bracebridge. So serene and peaceful.
This is the view of my Aunt and Uncle’s home in Bracebridge on the Muskoka River. This is where I’m living now. It’s the light blue house. Our little dock is the one in the middle with the little old green canoe sitting on the side of the hill.
Muskoka River by our home. STOP. That’s the word for this season which God has so clearly spoken to me. Stop to rest and be with God.
On our walk through downtown Bracebridge, we got distracted by the Autumn colours. These red trees are amazing!!
God is the master artist! He can take a green leaf and then turn it THIS rich, deep red. Wow.
With Viola, my lovely German friend, enjoying the red colours in Bracebridge!
On the drive from Bracebridge to Port Carling and Bala
The lovely waterfront docks in Gravenhurst where the Segwun steampship is.
Segwun and Wenonah II steamships in Gravenhurst. We took a cruise on the Segwun on Lake Muskoka!
Had a nice cruise on the Segwun with my Aunt and Viola (and Bridget, not shown) on Lake Muskoka!
Good friends enjoying a nice afternoon out on Lake Muskoka on the Segwun steamship!
Viola, Steffy and I getting our hiking game face on before conquering Algonquin Park.
Dorset Tower in Muskoka
Vibrant colours from Dorset Tower
Muskoka views from Dorset Tower
Viola, Steffy and I climbing the stairs of the Dorset Tower, Muskoka. I may or may not have made a lot of freaky scared gibberish while climbing the cold, slippery stairs. I may or may not like heights…. ;)
Bridget, my Aunt Meg, my Uncle Jim at the top of Dorset Tower
Up high in the sky on Dorset Tower
Welcome to Algonquin Provincial Park! Steffy, Viola, Ali.
Tree Huggers in Algonquin Park. We just can’t help it! Trees are just so huggable :)
Hiking through Algonquin Park. The autumn colours blew my mind. These yellows are lovely.
Along the hike in Algonquin Park (Track & Tower 7.5 km loop)
Viola joyfully playing in the leaves
View from the lookout on the Track and Tower loop in Algonquin Park.
Lookout in Algonquin. I love wonderful views.
Falling off the cliff at the lookout in Algonquin Park (actually, I can’t lie… I’m just pretending… and aren’t you relieved!)
I took a bit of artistic licence to ramp up the colours on this shot :) Relaxing at the lookout point of the hike we went on in Algonquin Park.
A lovely little lake in Algonquin Park
A nice picnic beach area in Algonquin Park
We made an Inukshuk at Huckleberry Rock near Bracebridge. It’s an Inuit word for “someone was here” or “you’re on the right path”. This is a great prophetic word for me in this season. I’m HERE. And I’m on the RIGHT PATH. Yes!!
Overlooking Hwy 11 near Huckleberry Rock. The photo doesn’t do justice to the amazing pink hues in this rock formation.

Well, that’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed this tour of the Autumn colours as much as I did! The colours are fleeting, the leaves fall quickly, as the season changes so fast. It makes you realize that you must take hold of life, and enjoy the here and now, and not waste a moment. Life is a gift. Live it! When you get the idea to go for a walk, go for it! When you see that road you want to drive down but never have time to do so, take that drive! When you want to say that kind word to someone, say it! If you love someone, tell them so! The moments pass so fast in this life. We must enjoy the day that God has given us. We never know how long we have on this earth.

I have just lost a wonderful friend and mentor, Georgina Bennett Williams. She died yesterday in New Zealand, from a quick 2 month battle with cancer. She inspired me the past 6 years to go forward boldly in obedience to Jesus, in my weakness. She inspired me to love Jesus with all my heart, soul and mind. She was radiant and vibrant and full of the beauty of God. She taught me what it looked like to be romanced by Jesus, to enjoy life with a smile and to love people deeply, from the heart. She would have loved these Autumn colours. Here’s to you, Georgina! Enjoy the splendour of heaven now!