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My February USA Trip [UPDATE]

Silly Ali
“Gettin’ my silly stare on!”

So, as I finish out my sabbatical season, I am going on a road trip to the States! What started out as a one-week practical missions trip to Joplin, Missouri has now turned into a whole month in the States! The extension of my trip has all just recently transpired… I’m becoming quite the spontaneous go-with-the-flow gal, jumping into the river of God and following Him where He leads. I’m discovering that, as I give up control of my life, God has so much more room to blow my mind and surprise me with good gifts, one of these being this trip. For all of you who know me well, I have tended to be the queen of organized plans, so if I’ve learned anything during my unexpected sabbatical, it’s to hand the reigns over to God and let Him take the lead. He holds the vision. He holds the plans. I’m just to hold His hand, and stay in step with Him. I’m starting to relax into this gracious new rhythm of life, and not fight Him so much in the process. It’s much more enjoyable this way :)


  • Feb 2-9 – Mennonite Disaster Service, Joplin, Missouri – building a home for tornado victims who lost their homes
  • Feb 10-19 – International House of Prayer, Kansas City, Missouri – visiting my cousin at IHOP, spending quality time with God in the prayer room (!!!), visiting YWAM and IHOP missionary friends and meeting up with ministry contacts
  • Feb 20-Mar 1 – Orlando and Tampa, Florida – visiting supporters of mine in Florida and visiting YWAM friends and road-tripping with them back up to Canada!
  • Mar 2-4 – Roadtrip back to Canada – with my YWAM Muskoka friends, the Jurgeneits!


The first week, I’ll be helping out with the organization, Mennonite Disaster Service, to help build a house for victims of the 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri. The leaders of this team (Gwen and Glen Torrie) are mission-supporters and friends of mine from my childhood days in Orillia. They have been so wonderful in supporting my missions work with YWAM over the past few years, so when I returned to Canada, I knew it was the perfect time to join in with what they were doing in their missions work. I know that God loves diverse partnerships, so bring on the hammers and paintbrushes and let’s build a home together! Yee haw!


After my time in Joplin, I’ll travel 3 hours north to Kansas City and spend a week or more with my cousin, Rachel, who is a university student at the music academy at the International House of Prayer. I can’t wait to see her in her university life and meet her community. I’m also super stoked to have some devoted, quality time with God in the IHOP prayer room! You can catch the prayer room’s live webstream where I’ll be hanging out here! I am so excited to spend some quality time with some of my dear IHOP and YWAM friends, and meet up with some new friends I have ministry connections with!


I’ve never been to Florida, so this will be fun for me as I love exploring new places! One of my prayer-supporters has invited me down to stay with her and her husband where they live every winter. It also worked out divinely that I’ll be able to join up with my YWAM friends, Mark and Jerri Jurgeneit and their 2 amazing sons Aiden and Ethan, down in Florida. We just “happened” to find out that we will all be there at the same time in the same region! Can you say “God”?! It will be so good to get to know the Jurgeneits more, as they are the family that is pioneering the brand spankin’ new YWAM Muskoka base here in Ontario and I am helping them out with it! I’ll just road trip back up to Canada with them at the end of the month. Talk about divine connections!


I don’t have a cell phone, so you can reach me by email: hopejoyfaith AT gmail DOT com


  • Safe travels in vans and planes
  • Safety on the building site
  • Refreshing encounters with God!
  • Meaningful times with my cousin, friends, supporters, and ministry connections
  • Divine appointments, miracles and cool God stuff!
  • Grace to transition out of sabbatical into a new season
  • Clarity and vision for March and beyond!

If you take 30 seconds to read these prayer requests and then just say a prayer of agreement shot up to Heaven, that makes a difference!! Or if you want to labour in prayer for me for hours and hours, that’s cool too ;) Thanks!

~ Alison