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The Man

Sometimes life can get so distracting.

We lose the bigger story and the larger plot amidst a crowd of all the shiny little trinkets of this life. Things visible in our hands or flashing before us lure us in and claim our attention. Away from the reality of the invisible realm. Away from the realm that is lasting. Our fleeting fancies attempt to trump humanity’s ultimate fascination — a man we call our own, yet a man so other than us. He, the son of man, yet the son of God.

It is for this man our hearts were made. It is to this man we devote our lives.

In this season named for him, let us return our hearts to him.

Take the next 3-minutes and reflect on the man within this video:

[Film credit to: Moving Works // Featured Image: an untrained eye via photopin cc Edit: Alison Lam]