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Joy and Sorrow Walk Hand in Hand

It’s one of those realities of life I find hard to accept — pain and sorrow walk hand in hand with joy and beauty. A heart can celebrate in one moment and then, in the very next, ache. Sometimes I wish I could just wave my magic wand and make all pain disappear, but such is the way of fairy tales, not of real life.

In my ideal world, I would much rather be celebrating a continuous victorious mountain top milestone, with glittering gold dust sprinkled everywhere — evidence of a nice, shimmering (easier?) life. But truth be told, my ‘gold’ in recent years has come through loss, and often, at the risk of a loss of heart.

This paradox of real life is visibly woven through my life story, as evidenced by how many precious moments I have shared with some of the most beautiful hearts through these losses and disappointments re-appointments in life.

It’s inescapable, this intertwining of joy and sorrow. Beauty and pain. Victory and loss. They are inextricably married in this life. And maybe, after all, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My heart is truly alive.

[Photo Credit: Aaron.Rosales via Photopin cc Text Edits by Alison Lam]