About Alison

Nationally, I’m all Canadian. I was born and raised in Canada. Ethnically, I’m part Chinese and part British. I love being a combination of east-meets-west — international diversity is in my blood! I love meeting people from all nations and cultures. I’m a curious explorer when it comes to people, places and hearts. I love exploring the outdoors and enjoying God’s beautiful creation! I’ve followed Jesus all around the world over the years and now He’s brought me back to Canada.

I love to read books and blogs by people who share from the heart, collect inspirational quotes, research and write about a variety of interesting topics especially in the areas of relationships, personal growth and spiritual life. I love a good ol’ passionate discussion on the way of Jesus and things of the heart.

I have a background in graphic design and fine art, and I’m very passionate about all things creative. Currently, I’m working in the healthcare field. I love to paint, sing, cook, decorate homes, go on road trips and travel the world. I love streaming sports events online, watching some TV or movies, following various Youtube vloggers or listening to a good podcast. I also like to unplug from all technology, grab a good book and curl up in a hammock or frolic in random green spaces.

I’m a unique blend of  “serious and silly” and “deep and dorky”; I absolutely love a lively, deep conversation with a person of depth in a cafe with a good cup o’ coffee, and I also love gettin’ goofy and silly just for the sake of not taking ourselves too seriously. I’m convinced Jesus is a nice combination of both the serious and the silly side of life.

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