Ministry Bio

Missions + Ministry


Global Adventures with YWAM:

I had some wonderful years serving as a missionary with Youth With A Mission — mostly in New Zealand with YWAM Oxford, leading Discipleship Training Schools, pouring my heart and life into young people through discipleship, mentoring and speaking to classes. I loved seeing the next generation transformed by the love of God and stepping into their identity as sons and daughters of God.

IMG_0664I had the joy of leading worship and prayer services and taking teams of young people into the nations sharing good news of a good God! My years with this amazing missions movement took me to the Pacific Islands, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. I cherish and honour my YWAM family for all they gave to me in the years I served with them. And as they say, “Once a YWAMer, always a YWAMer” so I look forward to all the future doors that may open with this beautiful family of missionaries.


The Intimate Secret Place of Prayer:

I spent just over 2 years worshiping before the beautiful face of God, at the Tauranga House of Prayer and YWAM @ Bethlehem. I had the privilege of spending 30 hours a week in a prayer room as an intercessor and worship singer, gazing on the only One worthy of all of our praise and affection. I fell in love again with God in a fresh, vibrant and intense way in this season of hiddenness and am eternally grateful for the time I had at THOP.

2012 – 2013

Sabbatical Season and Transition:

Back in mid 2012, in an unexpected and surreal change of all my life plans, instead of moving to the Middle East, I followed God back to my homeland of Ontario, Canada. At the time, I said, “My dreams are dashed. My life is over.” Yet God said, “No, it’s just beginning…”

ali yellow forest squareI took a year sabbatical off of ministry and missions work overseas and put my cross-cultural mission dreams on the shelf for the timebeing, so that I could learn to rest and return to a place of peace in my heart. God gave me an invitation to live a more practical, daily life in my homeland, reconnecting to my friends and family and working various odd jobs in the area. It was a time of rebuilding my heart’s foundations and learning to walk in wholeness of heart. I have heard it said that “if your holiness does not lead to wholeness, it’s not really holiness” and this is a major part of why God brought me home for a season.

Glorious highs and overwhelming lows were a big part of my Canadian sabbatical season; the internal transformation in my heart is still a work-in-progress as I surrender to the letting go of certain dreams and plans, so that I am free to embrace new paths, new dreams and a new perspective on life.

2014 – and beyond

Transition – Dreaming New Dreams for the Future:

IMG_3717Not only is my vocational and ministry life in transition, but I really feel that I am personally in a life transition as I embrace my mid-30’s and all that comes with this stage of life.

God is showing Himself to be such a loyal and kind Father to me. I know that by following Him on this unexpected path forward, surprise blessings await. The way into the future is uncertain, but my heart is open and tender towards all that the Father has in store. I know that whatever the path looks like, I’ll be a part of seeing God’s Heavenly Kingdom coming to earth as I invest  in the next generation of sons and daughters of God. Together, with the family of God, I will see the beautiful Image of God and the Beautiful Heart of the Father reproduced all across this globe, whether near or far, local or overseas.