My Bucket List

Here is a list of things that I want to do in this lifetime, before I die. It seems the trend is mostly that of travel and world exploration… [2014]

  1. Explore Northern Ontario, provincial parks, lakes, rivers, new towns I haven’t been to.
  2. Do a Canadian road trip out west (Ontario to BC and up to the Territories and Alaska?)
  3. Snowboard at Whistler/Blackcomb, Revelstoke or some other wonderful BC/AB skifield. A must!
  4. Do a road trip out east to the Maritimes (and especially get to Mabou, Cape Breton, home of the Rankin family!)
  5. Go to a ceilidh in a kitchen in Nova Scotia :) Yay for fiddles!
  6. Visit Melanie and her family in Quebec and Montreal and attempt to use my French!
  7. Fall in love and get married.
  8. Have my own spawn (aka biological kiddies)
  9. Adopt child/ren and/or foster kids and sponsor many children from overseas (and visit them there!)
  10. Visit Italy and the Vatican (have pizza and pasta and gelato in Italy)
  11. Go see Budapest, Hungary (I’ve heard it’s one of the coolest cities on earth)
  12. Stay in a quaint home and go for a walk or a relaxing boat ride in the Lake District of England.
  13. Go back to Hawaii and the Big Island and walk along the lava volcano there, re-visit Kona, Hawaii, and the University of the Nations campus and hang out in the air conditioned prayer room there! Also, have Hayashi’s Sushi and Scandinavian ice with coconut ice cream, get to Maui or Kuaui or another Hawaiian island. Stay in Honolulu. Visit the Northshore and watch a WSL surfing competition especially the Pipe Masters!
  14. Own some land and buy a home, decorate it and restore it and have a garden,  a hammock, a tree swing and a tree fort.
  15. Take more guitar lessons (and stick with it!)
  16. Go ice fishing
  17. Go snowmobiling
  18. Shoot a gun (rifle)
  19. Shoot something. Not a human, though (just thought I’d make that clear!) and maybe even make myself skin it. Ugh. Did I just say that?!?! What has just possessed me?
  20. Take a counselling/psychology course
  21. Use my theophostic prayer counselling training
  22. Take a life coaching course
  23. Read the Bible from start to finish (I’ve read most of it through multiple times, but not start to finish. I get distracted too easily!)
  24. “Ponder the possibility” of swimming with sharks (shark cage diving?) but this is probably my biggest fear, but somehow I’ve stupidly written it on this list. Why did I do such a thing?
  25. Scuba dive (Dominican Republic)
  26. Scuba dive (again) in another exotic location (Great Barrier Reef Australia? Caribbean?)
  27. Scuba dive in some not-so-exotic location, like a lake in Ontario, Canada?
  28. Sky dive or some free fall plunge (ah!)
  29. Write a book.
  30. Get it published.
  31. Visit New York and go walking through Central Park and go to some famous restaurants there.
  32. Drive along the Pacific Coast Highway in California.
  33. Road trip across the USA and get to Redding, California to spend time at Bethel Church
  34. Meet Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton and Danny Silk
  35. Get back to visit New Zealand, and do some more hikes there, vacation in the Bay of Islands, Great Barrier Island, hike the Queen Charlotte Track.
  36. Learn French fluently.
  37. Learn another language fluently.
  38. Be in the audience of some fun TV show filming like Ellen.
  39. Ride in a hot air balloon in a beautiful location (Turkey? New Zealand? Grand Canyon? Etc?)
  40. Go on a helicopter ride in the Grand Canyon…. or a donkey ride down into the canyon?
  41. At the Grand Canyon, walk the Skywalk there.
  42. Go up the CN Tower and SkyPod in Toronto (Yup, I still haven’t been, and I grew up in the area all my life!)
  43. Become a green thumb. Have a vegetable AND a flower garden and learn how to properly prune and keep up a garden. (Note: not a pro at this. Definitely need to continue learning about gardening)
  44. Road trip through Europe/UK, especially Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Norway, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Italy.
  45. Visit the Island of Patmos where John wrote the book of Revelation…. Do a backpacking trip with a few friends following the Apostle Paul’s journeys through the Mediterranean nations (Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Patmos, Mediterranean islands, Egypt, etc?)
  46. Take a cooking course from some professional chef. Grow more in my identity as Chef Ali :)
  47. Learn how to make awesome pie pastries and do lots of canning
  48. Take more ballroom and latin american ballroom dancing classes (WITH a male partner this time!)
  49. Meet my Compassion child in the Dominican Republic, Genesis, and see her all grown up!
  50. Get a new sponsored child.
  51. Go to the World Figure Skating Championships somewhere in the world!
  52. Start an Etsy creative store online.
  53. Meet Britney Spears and ask her about her life and spiritual matters. I don’t know why her. I just want to.
  54. Get Star Alliance Gold status again and fly first class and get access to the airport lounges! A travellers’ pampered dream :)
  55. Visit my family on my Dad’s side in Hong Kong and China and other parts of the world they are living at.
  56. See our Family Tree completed on paper/computer file and our family history written down and published.
  57. Learn more about our family connections with Burks Falls. Learn more about my history and family in general.
  58. Take part in a Sky Lantern Festival somewhere in the world.
  59. Complete a (half) marathon, walking/jogging.
  60. Drink a full glass of Guinness. (did it at an Irish Pub near Kansas City after Matt Hall’s wedding! And now it’s one of my favourite kind of beers)
  61. Learn how to upholster furniture.
  62. Learn how to quilt.
  63. Do a jewellery making class.
  64. Visit India and get over my fear of the chaos and smell there. (If you want to watch a great movie set in India, check out the indie film “The Lunch Box” #lovedit
  65. Make homemade muesli/granola.
  66. Kiss under the mistletoe (even just to kiss again, would be nice haha)
  67. Kiss on New Year’s whilst singing Auld Lang Syne!
  68. Build an igloo with some friends or family.
  69. Go on a really fast boat (again) – a jetboat?
  70. Go on an old-fashioned hunting trip on horseback, like they do in Downton Abbey ;)
  71. Sing again in a big choir.
  72. Go whale watching.
  73. Swim with dolphins.
  74. Get Kris Vallotton to write a guest article on my blog
  75. Get to Petra, Jordan, one of the world wonders.
  76. Get to Machu Picchu, Peru, one of the world wonders.
  77. Have a real fish taco from a really good Mexican restaurant or stand.
  78. Read Bonheoffer’s biography.
  79. Make my own cheese.
  80. Go on a cruise or ferry or ship on the Black Sea and explore some ancient monasteries along the coast.
  81. Sail on a real ship.
  82. Actually explore Australia extensively.
  83. Get to South America.
  84. Parasail off a mountain. Parasail off a boat over water.
  85. Go white water rafting.
  86. Get to the revival and retreat centre in Wales.
  87. Write for a big online magazine (ie: Relevant Magazine or Storyline/Donald Miller)
  88. Start a greeting card or creative business (do something entrepreneurial with my creative design skills)
  89. Go back to school for something.