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Create all the things.

Hey blog world! I’ve been alive and well on social media this past year… and pretty darn silent in the blog world. Let’s just say I hibernated from the blog world for a while.

But I’m here, guys (at least for this blog post). I can’t make any promises. But I thought I’d make an appearance. This blog didn’t die. It just slept for a while. My life has been all over the place this past year and I haven’t really made sense of it all; all I could do was just live it out and hope for the best… and, well, I’m still here, so that’s gotta count for something.

Anyway, my blog post title is a play on a satirical “vlog” (aka video log, like a video blog…) where this British guy named Adrian Bliss ends his vlog (Vlogvember) with something inspirational to say; he says, “Always remember, keep on believing, make ALL the things, and have fun during the day.” and then signs off with a floppy dolphin hand motion straight into the lens of the camera. I laugh every time. His vlog is a joke, making good fun of other vlogger friends of his who come up with some catchy phrase to say at the end of every video.

I just had to laugh because “make all the things” is so generic, but somehow it’s stuck with me.


This year, my “one word” is “CREATE”. Choosing one word replaces the need to make many new year’s resolutions, and allows you to have something simple to inspire you for the year. I chose the word “CREATE” because I wanted something to encourage me to put my hand to the plow, so to speak, and make things. Make anything, just make things. Create art, create food concoctions, create letters to send others, create my future, create good times, create new friendships, create good conversation, create dialogue, create colourful colouring book pages. Create anything, really. As Adrian Bliss says, “Make all the things”. So I don’t need to focus on any of those things being particularly wonderful or perfect. Just make things. Focus on creating and producing things, rather than waiting until I have the perfect idea, the perfect vision, the perfect game plan, the perfect supplies and materials, the perfect skill and talent.


Somehow, this encourages me.

So far, this January, I’ve made a bunch of home made cards and fridge cards (which is a normal card you’ve made and then put dollar store magnet tape on it which is a magnet that has sticky adhesive on one side) and, voila, you have a “fridge card”. I’ve also coloured in some adult colouring books. I’m going to say that counts. I’m colouring! And that’s creating a more colourful world! I’m cooking and that’s creating. I’m organizing and simplifying and sorting and tidying (that’s creating order). I’m creating fun times with friends and family. I’m coming up with some future ideas. I’m creating conversation with many people that I meet as I do my volunteer driving job, which in turn creates new and varied relationships. No matter how small it is, if it’s somehow ‘making something’, then I’m going to say it counts. I’m creating!

I’d also really like to get some wool and get back to crocheting. I haven’t done that in quite a few years. Some friends of mine are posting their crochet creations online and it’s inspiring me.

And here I am creating a blog post, after a long hiatus.

Here’s my logo for the year, which I’ve posted on social media outlets. It just further inspires me to “Make all the things”.

So, I’m not really going to edit this, because I have a problem with waiting until things seem perfectly ready before I publish them, and then I often keep them in unpublished draft form for weeks, which turn into months, and now I’ve got a bunch sitting there from a year ago, unpublished and now seemingly out of date.

So, BOOM, I’m pressing PUBLISH!

Here’s to a year of “creating all the things” and creating my future, creating my life one day at a time… one moment at a time…

If you want to come up with a word, here’s the website that could inspire you and I’m happy to create a logo for you if you contact me on the Contact page or comment below.

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The Creative Encouragement Project

Recently, I was speaking to a friend on Skype about the state of my life and my heart (not exactly a stellar state, let’s just say). She challenged me to make a ‘creative gratitude journal’ to lift up my heart and soul through this challenging season.

After we ended our call, I sat there on my bed pondering her words. And within moments, I decided to take her challenge seriously. This wasn’t the time to just sit down and wallow in a puddle of self-pity. This was the time for positive action and creative encouragement.

Soooo…. I decided since I love editing photos, writing and collecting inspiring quotes, why not make it a creative online design project? And why not share it with the world?

#2 – “GIVE THANKS” Today you have been given a certain combination of ingredients to work with. Don’t throw them away. Embrace them. If you’d been given the choice, you probably wouldn’t have chosen any of it, but with a little hope and a little creativity, there’s potential for a surprising concoction. Take a moment, courageously accept what you’ve been given, give thanks for it, and then go get your hands dirty. Make something of the life you have today. At the end of the day, you might discover you’ve made something possibly delicious. [Photo Credit: Rein -e- Art via photopin cc Text Edits: Alison Lam]

What is ‘The Creative Encouragement Project’?

To embrace each new day and multiply gratitude within it, I am creating photographic quotes to encourage the soul into joy and wonder again. Everybody needs a little encouragement to survive thrive every day! I’d like to think of this project as a creative infusion of courage for the soul.

This ongoing project is  a way of (regularly) reminding myself (and others) of what is good, true and life-giving. This is my way of picking up the sword and kicking the ickiness out of my daily life (and maybe it’ll spur others on into joy as well which is an added bonus)!

So, without further adieu, click the button below to:

Check Out TCEP


If you “LIKE” it on Facebook, you’ll be notified when I’ve posted a new creative photo with a short encouraging paragraph to give you courage for the day!

That’s all for now, folks! Enjoy!



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It wouldn’t be Christmas without….




…can I be so bold as to add ONE other thing to that sentence?!?!

It wouldn’t be Christmas without…


This song and I go way back. My grandma had this mini record at the cottage and my brothers and I would listen to it every year and scream HUUUULA-HOOOP at the top of our lungs in the cottage living room. IN THE SUMMER. But hey, somehow we also listened to it at Christmas. Okay, now that I’ve put it out there, don’t call me an idol-worshiper, please just call me festive ;) I personally think Jesus would have liked those lil adorable chippies!

To sign off this post, I just have one more thing to say:


(Well, to be honest, I don’t want a Hula-hoop, I want one of these stainless steel bad boys …SERIOUSLY… it’s a want AND a need!)



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Enter the Worship Zone

It’s time for a little online worship gathering in my website lounge! I want to share a few songs that I’ve had on repeat in my home these days. They express my heart in this season. I thought I’d spread the musical wealth to you, so you could get in on the goodness too! Enjoy!

Note: If you are reading this in a Reader or Email and you don’t see the embedded videos, you can view it best and listen to the songs here on my site

Song Link: Closer (featuring Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger), from Bethel Live


Song Link: For The Sake of The World (Featuring Brian Johnson) from Bethel Live


Song Link: Sweetest Name, from United Pursuit


Song Link: Never Once from Matt Redman


Song Link: I Need a Song, from United Pursuit

Song Link: There is Only One, from Brandon Hampton at OneThing 2011, IHOP-KC

Song Link: All Is For Your Glory, from Cory Asbury at OneThing 2011, IHOP-KC


And this last one is an audio file from my iTunes list. I can’t find the original song online for the life of me! This song “I Cannot Hide My Love” from the album, Enter The Worship Circle #2, is probably one of my all-time favourite worship tunes. It never gets old. It has the ability to get me leaping in worship in my heart!

Song: I Cannot Hide My Love by Enter the Worship Circle #2 (100 Portraits and Waterdeep)