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Flying South for a Week! [UPDATE]

Dear friends and family and blog readers:

I fly out tomorrow to the South Island for a week. It may well be the last trip I make down south to the region that I first called home almost 6 years ago, back in 2006, when I found myself plunked in the middle of the Canterbury plains, bordering the Southern Alps, in a little town called Oxford working with the wonderful YWAM Oxford base. I’m a little nostalgic these days, so the return to the South Island for this next week is sweet, mixed with some bittersweet, but sweet, nonetheless. Continue Reading

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Well, I left wintery Canada a couple days ago and arrived back into New Zealand after 2 months of travel around Turkey and Canada. I was overjoyed as New Zealand’s mild summer weather and fresh air breeze greeted me as I stepped out of the airport in Auckland, and headed down to Tauranga. Ah, I love this land. I will miss it when my time to leave comes… I will be writing a more detailed update in the near future (most likely in February/March) which will share what is around the corner, on the horizon. So stay tuned for that. Until then, here’s some information about some address changes for donations you send to me.

New Mailing Address for Financial Donations:

For those of you who are a part of my Financial Partnership team (or for those of you who would like to become a partner), please take note of the changed postal mailing address for the Project Funding office for YWAM that processes tax-deductible donations for me. This really only impacts you if you decide to mail in donations (ie: cheques, money orders). You can email the funding office (email below) if you want to ask about other options for payments or visit my website Support page to see step-by-step instructions.

Project Funding Office
PO Box 57100 RPO East Hastings
Vancouver, BC
V5K 5G6

Phone: 604.436.4433
Fax: 604.436.4466

If you need to email the Project Funding office that processes all my ministry financial support, here is their new email address:

Feel free to email me at if you would like to personally ask me any further questions. I’ll be more than happy to help answer your questions.

God bless you and hope 2012 is treating you well so far!


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In This 2-Part Episode:  News for 6th September 2011. Moved to a new house, Upcoming International Trip!, Divine ordering of my life, Springtime in New Zealand, Song of Songs and the delight of God, new freedom to sing, and ending with a silly song about trees (that you do NOT want to miss!)

NOTE: At the 4-minute mark of the 1st video, the video freezes but the audio continues to the end. So, I recorded part 2, which is Take 2 of the part of the 1st video that froze, so I’m sorry to all of you who don’t want to hear me repeat a few little tidbits of news! But it’s worth it! I add a few little extras in the 2nd video AND I slightly alter the silly song at the end!

Part 1:

Part 2: 

NOTE: If you are viewing this post in an email and cannot see the embedded videos, click on this link to watch the 2 videos on my website:

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The Last 3 Years….

Note: I recently sent this email letter to the staff and students of the Ski + Snowboard DTS from 2008. It’s been 3 years since I led that school at the YWAM Oxford NZ base. It was a very special school, and God did miraculous transformation in all of us. One of the students had the brilliant idea of starting an email chain between all the staff and students of that school asking each of us to share what has happened in our lives over the past 3 years since the school ended, so that we can all hear detailed accounts of what we’ve been up to and what God’s done in our lives. I’ve been amazed how almost every single person has written and shared very openly. I just finished writing my email letter and thought I might as well post it on my website, for those of you who want to hear an account of the past 3 years of my life. ~Ali

We all look funny when we stare at computers :)

This isn’t short, but it’s my heart laid open for all of you. So here we go : )

Time has flown! Has it really been 3 years since SDTS ’08? It’s so hard to believe! But life, as we know it, ticks on and keeps moving. I’m 32 now! Wowee! But I can tell you that my 30’s have held more dignity, grace and flow than my 20’s and 10’s and 0’s. So you all have something to look forward to, truly. Don’t freak out about the big 3-0. Trust me, it’s good.

After SDTS ’08 wrapped up, I had a Kiwi summer Christmas with Gretchen, Olivia, Rosie, myself and the lovely Inch family! We made fancy schmancy designer Christmas trees and desserts. So fun but still haven’t gotten used to a hot Christmas. Santa in stubbies and jandals lounging on the beach? No, that’s just odd. Continue Reading

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In this video, I introduce my newly launched website and encourage all of you to subscribe to my blog (on the right column of my website) so you can enjoy my blog posts and video cafes sent directly to your inbox. I also share some thoughts on winter in New Zealand. (11th August 2011)

NOTE: Be sure to check out Alison’s Amusing Intro to Video Cafe if you haven’t seen it already!

NOTE: If you can’t see the embedded video above, watch the video here: