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Reflections From This Past Year (2010) [UPDATE]

SPECIAL NOTE: Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa tea or coffee, and come along for a little journey as I share snippets of the significant events and reflections from the past 12 months of my life. I encourage you to take the time to read through each month, as it builds to a satisfying close at the end. ~ Alison

JANUARY: It’s the season to “Dock the Ship.”

This was the beginning of a new season for me, where I was to “dock the ship” and take time away with the Lord, after 4 solid years of YWAM ministry. Mid January, I attended the “Call2All” gathering in Tauranga, which is a global event that draws together the missions and prayer movements from a vast array of organizations to see the Great Commission completed! We see the end goal in sight and believe that Jesus is coming soon! Our Beloved will return to us soon!

FEBRUARY: The Best Valentine’s Gift!

I mentioned that in January I “docked the ship” and it is amazing to see how the Lord leads perfectly… He led me to Tauranga which means “safe harbour”. It turned out to be the perfect resting spot for “Ali the Ship” to dock and find refuge in the Lord. I attended the 3-month Awaken Internship through the Tauranga House of Prayer and it was one of the best investments of time and money of my life. I came up by car and ferry on the weekend of Valentine’s Day. It truly was one of the most precious Valentine’s gifts that my Beloved has given me – a Valentine that lasted for 3-months. Time spent devoted to Him and Him alone, where He wooed me deeper into His vast heart. I recommend to all of you who need 3-months to get away with the Lord, to join the Awaken Internship this February 2011.

MARCH: Thriving in the Desert.

After taking the first few weeks to just pinch myself (over and over again) to have this season of rest, I went into a very Continue Reading

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I had a blog going for 7 wonderful years and have now moved to this new website.  The number of completion is 7, so that blog is complete and it is time for a fresh start. Out with the old, in with the new! I have brought a few writings over here from the old blog, but for the most part, I have left the old site open and available as an Archive of my life from the years of 2004 through to early 2011. If you are interested in diving back into the treasure chest of my life from the past, feel free to check out:

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