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Definition: Brought to completion; the point at which something is complete, finalized, altogether total, or perfect; the making of the highest, most supreme perfection.

Consummation. I’ve been contemplating this word a lot these days.

I think that consummation is at the core of our heart. I believe it is our deepest longing. It is the motivation behind everything we do. We go looking for love, we give away our bodies to others, we set out on thrilling adventures, we go out to this movie, we rent that movie, we buy those new outfits and bling, we go splurge on that extravagant meal, and the list goes on and on. I honestly think we do ALL of those things because we think, ‘Maybe, just maybe, THIS time, I’ll find consummation for my deepest longing.’ And yet, it remains illusive and uncaught, unattained for yet another day. And we cannot bear the reality of this. It devastates us not to experience it. Continue Reading