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Remembering 12 Years Ago…

God has blessed me tonight. I am swimming in the sea of the joy of the Lord, basking in the joy of my salvation. God is so detailed. He loves me.

So, tonight, in our Friday night prayer meeting at the Tauranga House of Prayer, we had a visiting family from the House of Prayer in Malaysia come share about what God is doing in Malaysia, and humbly asked us to pray for them and for their nation. I have not crossed paths with any Malaysians in the past 12 years… nor been in a prayer meeting in the past 12 years focused on Malaysia. We prayed for the calling on the nation of Malaysia to have intimacy with God in prayer, overflowing into radical missions and the salvation of multitudes.

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Mt. Athos: A visit to the Holy Mountain

I’m inviting you to go on a little journey for 30 minutes that will mesmerize you, in silent awe.

Recently over Easter, the CBS TV Documentary show ’60 Minutes’, was able to get extremely rare access to the monasteries at Mt. Athos, perhaps one of the most sacred places in Christianity. They aired special coverage of the monasteries on Mt. Athos, that have remained in continual prayer and worship and simple, monastic life for over 1000 years. I watched both video clips, MESMERIZED, and in silent awe. I want to bring you into this world that I have just had a mini glimpse of, through these 2 video clips.  Continue Reading

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The Monastery is Burning…

I am always drawn to anything that mentions monasteries. I read about them in the writings of Christians throughout the centuries and have a special love and admiration for these mysteriously beautiful places. The beautiful mystery of a monastery, where God divinely gathers a community of people who voluntarily come to live simply and uncelebrated, under religious vows, out of devotion to God.

Maybe that is part of my motivation in joining a mission community in the furthest country from my birthplace, to join my heart with other Christians devoted to the worship and adoration of God day and night.

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The Call to Anguish: God’s Call to His Church

This morning, I went to Bethlehem Baptist Church, and the guest speaker was David Pierce, author of the “Rock Priest” from Steiger International. He floored me, with his raw passion for God, and his fierce commitment to the Cross of Christ, humility before God and reaching the lost in the world. He ended his sermon with this video from David Wilkerson called “A Call to Anguish”. It has wrecked me. By the end, most of the congregation was weeping, and on their knees in deep repentance before God, sprawled on the floor around the altar, crying out to God for mercy and for His transforming forgiveness to change our cold, hard unbroken hearts.

If we watched this video once a week for the rest of our life (AND THEN RESPONDED TO GOD), MAYBE just MAYBE we would have a glimpse at the all-consuming power of God to change the world, one human heart at a time…. If you want to continue on with the “SAME OLD, SAME OLD” in your Christian walk, DO NOT PRESS PLAY and watch this 7-minute video. It has undone me and it will undo your own heart.

In the church (the Bride of Christ), we have lost our anguish. Anguish unites us to the agony in God’s heart, compelling us to pray and weep for the world, carrying God’s own burden and His own anguish in our own hearts.

I think this is KEY in the season we are in as the nation of New Zealand (and the rest of the world), in light of the disasters, as God is trying to break the heart of the Bride of Christ, so she will respond in brokenness, humility and repentance and return in wholeheartedness to her Bridegroom God.

Take 7 minutes to watch. And then let us all personally respond to Jesus Christ.

“All true passion is born out of anguish. All true passion for Christ comes out of a baptism of anguish. A true prayer life begins at the place of anguish.” (David Wilkerson)


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Strong love has captured a weak heart

I sit here late at night, back in the little town of Oxford, here on the south island of New Zealand, as the rain pounds upon the roof of my little guest home. It has been about one year since I first left this town that I love, to venture up to the north island, to the city of Tauranga, planting myself in a prayer room with a number of other weak hearts, leaning in to Christ’s heart.

I think often of how the Lord has captured my weak heart over and over again with His strong love. What other than the covenantal love of God could keep us humans standing before Him day after day? I am such a weak vessel, but oh, the strength of His love! What power rests in His love! It is only by His love that I live another day before His face. I’m reminded again of this quote below, which explains so much of my heart over the past year and why I have forsaken all other pursuits in life for the sake of the ‘One Thing’ (Psalm 27:4). May this be my only reasonable response all the days of my life:

“Night and day prayer is not a testimony to human dedication but rather to the power of Jesus Christ to capture weak hearts and hold them fast in unending preoccupation. That His indescribable glory would be seen and His matchless worth treasured above all else is the cornerstone upon which night and day prayer must be founded and the reason it continues each passing moment. A house of prayer has its inception when someone beholds the majesty of Jesus and in wisdom concludes that the only reasonable response is for men to laud Him ceaselessly.” (Justin Rizzo)